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Cash Pay 

Telan Nelson, PT is a fee-for-service practice. This means that Telan Nelson, PT is not “in-network” with any private health plans. By remaining out-of-network, less time is spent on billing and insurance questions and more time is spent providing excellent, one-on-one care with a physical therapist, not an aid or an assistant.


Payment is due at the time of service and I will not bill your insurance company (unless you have Medicare).  I can, upon request, provide receipts with diagnosis and treatment codes which you may submit to your private insurance company. These receipts are not a guarantee of reimbursement as such payment depends on your individual insurance plan policies. However, many insurance plans pay 60-80% of out-of-network services and may waive your co-pay for these services. In the end, you may end up paying out of pocket the same as or less than in-network services for more individualized care!



Find out about your "Out-of-Network" benefits.

I accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards (if applicable, you may use FSA or HSA)


Telan Nelson, PT is a participating provider with Medicare and is currently accepting new clients with Medicare. I will bill services to Medicare. Please call your secondary insurance company to determine your additional benefits for physical therapy services. 

The Medicare cap for physical therapy services in 2023 is $2,230. Please alert me if you have already participated in physical or speech therapy in 2023 so we can estimate your remaining benefits in 2023. 

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