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G. R., Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist

"Telan Nelson is an exceptional, outstanding physical therapist.  Extremely skilled and knowledgeable, she also listens carefully, and then individually tailors treatment to the patient's specific needs.  Her intelligent and creative recommendations ameliorate a surprisingly wide array of challenging situations.  With compassion and insight, she also clearly explains the scientific basis of her recommendations.  I am most fortunate and grateful to have been her patient.  I learned so much from her!  I am happy to endorse Telan -- In my opinion, her highly skilled work is in a league of its own!"

C.L., Yoga Instructor

“Post meniscus surgery led me to my dream PT, Telan Nelson. Her knowledge was evident from the first visit and her kind and encouraging manner kept me coming back. As an active person I highly valued my mobility and today I have it. Thank you Telan!”

T.B. and S.B.

"Telan was recommended to us after my husband was not having great success dealing with the affects of a traumatic brain injury. After nearly 8 months of getting nowhere, Telan was not only able to direct us, but she was also able to help us understand the type of specialists we needed to seek out to further diagnose the injuries caused by the concussion. She correctly pinpointed many different issues that he had been telling doctors about but had not been successful in getting treatment for. Because of Telan, my husband not only got more accurate and specific diagnoses from specialists, but he (and I) also FELT better emotionally. It is incredibly difficult when you are explaining what is wrong to people and they either do not listen or they do not delve further into the issue and Telan goes above and beyond to correctly identify your injuries; even insofar as studying more about your injury herself and sending relevant information to you so you are also able to further understand what is happening. After my husband was given a number of new tests and given new tools to better deal with his injury Telan has worked with all of these new diagnoses and tools to help him continue to figure out how to best heal his brain. She has been the light in a difficult year. Her gentle way, her knowledge of body mechanics and her varied approach to healing has made us exceedingly grateful we found her and we would recommend her to anyone."



"I was in a friend's vehicle when we were rear ended on I5 in Oregon.  I suffer with on-going neck pain and discomfort in getting thru a normal day as it interferes with driving, working at my desk, or sitting for long periods. 


Telan is special!  She understood my not wanting to take pain medication and helped me create a daily routine outside of therapy time to help minimize my pain and discomfort. Physical Therapy is demanding, but Telan’s kind, gentle, and thoughtful approach will get you back to a normal life quickly."

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