Pilates Private Sessions

Evaluation and Intro Session

$90/(60-75 minutes)


Individual Sessions


*Discount Packages Available

Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathing, and Flow


Private Pilates sessions will combine exercises on a Pilates Reformer and mat to improve core strength, balance, flexibility, and body awareness.


Your first session will include a brief health history and movement screen so that each session can be geared towards achieving your movement goals.


Each one-on-one session will focus on restoring core strength and movement awareness.  Duration of sessions can range from 30-60 minutes depending on individual needs and goals. 

As a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Pilates Instructor, my focus is to teach you how to move in a healthy way, despite possible chronic pain or injury.


If you have an acute or chronic injury that you would like to address specifically, please schedule a Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation for a thorough assessment of you injury prior to initiating a Pilates program.

Pilates Private Sessions Package - 6 sessions

6 sessions

1 hour


Each one-on-one, 1- hour session will focus on restoring core strength and movement awareness.


Packages of 6 sessions can be purchased at the end of your first Pilates Session. It is best to schedule these sessions on the day of purchase as a commitment to the changes you are working towards for your health and fitness.

Ask me about individualized packages of 30 or 45 minute sessions depending on your goals. 


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